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Debt Free Zone

Welcome to the Debt Free Zone. Our presence here is to acquaint you with debt free solutions which we hope will lead to debt free living and make your life much easier. The thing we're striving for is to offer solutions to keep you from filing for bankruptcy by providing you with information about debt management solutions like debt consolidation, debt settlement and more. We will also talk about how you should get credit counseling to go with your debt elimination program to ensure that once you have crossed over from the Debt Zone to the Debt Free Zone, you will, in fact, remain debt free.

Where Are We Taking You in the Debt Free Zone

Within this zone, you will read the stories of Benny, a seasonal Santa who was in debt due to being unemployed 11 months out of the year; Cindy, a college student who got a credit card and earned a degree in using it; Marcia, whose credit crunch began when she got her first taste of living on her own; the Johnson family, who faced a decrease in income; and other Americans who are struggling with credit card debt, student loan debt or any other kind of unsecured debt. They all need debt help, with a little debt counseling thrown in on the side.

Why You Should Enter the Debt Free Zone

These stories aren't meant to frighten you. In fact, they may entertain you. You may also think that the stories sound all too familiar. At this point, we hope we can teach you a little something about the various ways you can get yourself out of debt, hopefully without going into the darkness that is bankruptcy.

Now that we've immodestly gone on record predicting the high quality of this debt relief web site, we invite you to begin your journey. You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of a debt free America. That's the signpost on the left--your next stop, the Debt Free Zone!

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